Starring Roles

Princesse Ecossaise ~ That would be me. A geek, a lover, a sillypuss, phobic of many things (including warm toilet seats and bowling shoes) and a blogger.

French Prince (aka FP) ~ The man of my dreams, the light of my life, my one and only, the love of my life, the only man who doesn't really mind being clichéd. Plays a large part in my life, as anyone who reads La Belle Saison will know. French, handsome, funny, kind, adorable and says 'liquid poo' instead of 'diarrhoea'.

Supporting Acts

Mum Ecossaise ~ Plays a massive part in my life (considering she gave birth to me...) but doesn't appear too often in my online writings. A teacher, a linguist (lived in France too), a kind-hearted soul, but most importantly, my most favourite woman in the whole wide world.

Daddy Ecossais ~ I owe a lot to this man. He gave me my clumsy side, my weird side and my childish side. He also gave me his blonde hair, which I am thankful for. A scientist, he knows everything - except how to tell good jokes. He hasn't mastered that yet. Often features in La Belle Saison, simply because he is a constant source of amusement.

Ollie Ecossais ~ A new addition to the family. Eats mostly lamb, rabbit and tuna, and is often seen with a lovely wee milk beard. He likes to lick my face. He is my kitten.


Brother Ecossais ~ Or, as he is often known in the 'real world' Professa Fresh. A turn tablist, lead singer and guitar player of 'My Own Religion' and ahem...'Cot Death' (I know, it's a horrible name, I know...) and a party animal. Has a great job and doesn't know how to relax. I got the looks, he got the brains, musical talent, energy, popularity, ability to be hilarious without looking a fool, fast metabolism and actually he got the looks as well. I'm not bitter. Because I'm his wee sis and he looks after me well.

Granpaw Ecossais ~ Good old Granpaw. Doesn't believe in being politically correct, and is 85 years old. Hates children, which is why he is only just beginning to like me now.

Mr FP ~ Daddy of FP. Lovely man, not at all like a scary french man. Helps me with my French and laughs at my the nicest possible way...I think.

Mrs FP ~ Mummy of FP. Is wonderfully amazing at whatever she does in that kitchen. Likes to make mouth wateringly delicious meals and feeds me to make me fat. I love her.